Artist Statement

Maps have always intrigued me for the comprehensive global perspective, simple directives, and elegant signs and symbols they provide.  Our contemporary culture is not as straightforward. We are bombarded by external stimuli from countless directions in our daily lives stifling independent thought, problem solving, and critical thinking. There seems to be no perceived value in quiet interior examination.

Important in my process is the sorting, shuffling and rearranging of information. I begin my paintings from an aerial composition to help me escape the narrow vision that one viewpoint provides. This unexpected perspective of stepping away from eye level encounters, additional possibilities for consideration and contemplation are possible.  It has been personally helpful to work on square canvases so that frequent commonplace messages received from electronics and other rectangular proportions, are altered and presented in a fresh perspective. 

For me, the balance of our busy lives and process of quiet reflection provides substance and context for every activity in my daily life.